Photine Chronicles

A few years ago I really had high hopes for my photography.  I thought I was going to have my photos in exhibits and get published.  I was going to get recognition from cool websites and be a photoblogging star. I was really going to be something.  I set up a separate blog to keep track of the successes from and named it the The Photine Chronicles.  

Three years later, there are 21 sad little posts over there.  Did some of those things happen?  Sure, but not to the degree that my dreams had imagined.  And I can be honest with myself and say that I really didn't go after those things.  I'm not a marketer and have no desire to learn how to become one.  The bad part is that I even stopped updating when good things were happening.  For example my photos were used in promotional material for Opera in the Heights, a promotional magazine about Houston for Texas Monthly and an end of year report on the cruise ship industry.  Little stuff with no money, but fun places to see my photos in print.  And, oh yeah, a new Houston It's Worth It Book.  None of those things made it over to my "brag" blog.  

For some reason that blog just felt separate from what I was doing and who I was. The things I was posting about didn't feel big enough to have their own blog and I think that is why I stopped updating.  It became neglected.  Well time for a refresh. From now on any cool recognitions for my work will be posted here under the new Photine Chronicles category.  I have moved the posts over from the old blog that I think are important milestones and tomorrow I will post my best photos from 2009.  See you then. 

P.S. Sorry if the blog move junked up your RSS readers!

Year in Review 2009

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