Year in Review 2009

2006. 2007. 2008. I'm not sure what to think about my 2009 work.  I have felt like I'm taking good photographs, but that was all.  Just good.  There was no big stellar, wow, knock your socks off photo this year.  I don't even really have a favorite among them.  They are all just good.  But seeing them all together makes me feel a little better about the year that was. 

I looked through all the photos posted to and selected what I considered my best ones. From there I eliminated and eliminated until I was left with the final 10. Photos appear in the order they were posted to the website. Clicking on the photo will take you to the individual entry page. 

1.) Foggy Nights

I have always loved those fog in the city shots and never seemed to have the opportunity to take them. Usually the best fog is an early morning thing, but in this case I happened to be out with my camera very late at night and had the chance to take this photo. 

2.) I've got my eye on you

The zoo is so much more fun when you have a long telephoto lens.  I happened to get just such a lens through an interesting set of circumstances about a month before this zoo meet-up.  A cold front was coming in so the animals were actually awake.  I like this one because Jonathan, king of the jungle, is looking at me the same way my cat does.  

3.) The Magnolia Ballroom

2009 was the year that I got to add wedding photographer to my portfolio.  It makes me laugh to say that because I am so NOT a wedding photographer.  The right set of circumstances came up though and I was able to help out the wonderful Slight Clutter.  My major reward for this work was to finally get a chance to go into the magnificent Magnolia Ballroom. This photo reminds me of a special moment in 2009 and as a fan of architecture and history the space is just down right beautiful.

4.) San Jacinto Monument

I guess if I had to pick a favorite from this group it would be this one.  I even have it as my desktop image at work.  

5.) Willie Nelson

This was taken backstage at the House of Blues: Houston.  I love the light and the mood the smoke creates.

6.) Moon Shell

If you have been following along with me this year you know that 2009 was the year of trips.  I took big trips around the US and even out of the country and smaller trips around Texas.  This is from a spur of the moment drive down to Quintana Beach.  I practically had the beach to myself and had a wonderful afternoon just listening to the waves, feeling the sand in my toes and enjoying the break from the everyday. 

7.) The Hobby Center

What can I say? It is one of my favorite buildings in Houston, not just for the architecture but because it is home to our resident musical theater company and the Broadway touring shows.  Seeing this building just makes me happy.

8.) Impressionist Tree

This was my first real chance to take pictures in the rain and I am happy with the result.  Rain photography is its own special challenge and I hope to have more opportunities in the future.

9.) A Rest

I originally took this photo when I thought I was going to do a 52 weeks self portrait project. Ha!  I never make it more than a few weeks for those things.  I have no problem taking a picture of myself in a reflected surface, but straight up self portraits are another matter entirely. 

10.) Amen

A quick photo for an assignment that has grown on me the longer I am with it.  It is possibly a sign of things to come in my photography.  I definitely have some new style goals in the new year.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

Onward 2010.

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