Checklist 37: Go out on a weeknight

You don't hear this too often, but I'm going to have to pull back on one of my goals because I've been a little too successful.  The goal in question is from my birthday checklist.  

#10. Go out on a weeknight

I originally wrote that because between Monday and Friday I only went to work and back home.  I never went anywhere else.  The few times I did go out to something on a weeknight I felt so cosmopolitan and not quite like myself.  It always broke up the monotony of the week and gave me a little boost to make it to the next weekend.  I always made such a big deal about it in my head and I wanted it not to be a big deal to go out on a weeknight.

The problem is now I go all the time.  Not necessarily exciting things like I listed in my post, but more of the errand variety.  But rarely is there a night of the week where I go straight home from work and it is starting to take a toll.  I didn't occur to me until a few days ago when I was getting home after 8 p.m. for the second or third night in a row.  When I start running errands after work and I don't leave work until 4:30 to 5:00 it makes for a late evening.  String together several in a row and there is not much recharge or relaxation time at home, not to mention catch up on blogs time or even write a blog post time.  

I'm going to try to reverse this trend a little.  Try to leave my errands to the weekend and come home and relax after work.  This has been one of my most stressful years in a long time and we haven't even got to the stressful part of the school year yet. Hopefully this can help build in some chill time.

How I would love to be "too successful" in my other goals and resolutions.


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