$1 Rockets Game

Rockets Game

Last night I went to my first Rockets game at the Toyota Center.  I have seen the Rockets before, but a long time ago in the Compaq Center.  Basketball is not exactly my favorite sport, but I always like going out and doing new things and I definitely enjoy cheering on our local sports teams.  I had it on my list to get around to it, but just hadn't done it.

We have a multi-media teacher at our school that is doing amazing things with his classes.  Our school won first place in a contest sponsored by HP in conjunction with the Rockets.  They are going to get a bunch of things from HP and last night the school got 50 tickets to go to the game.  Not only free tickets to the game, but $10 for each person going to spend at the concession stand so that is how I went to the Rockets game for $1 (my food cost $11).  Some of the students got to go on the court for a pre-game announcement and they also got a tour of the media facilities which is perfect for what they are studying.  

The game was fun and the Rockets won! One gripe about the Toyota Center.  We were originally seated in section 407 and the floors were sticky.  Very sticky.  Like audibly sticky. Do you never clean up there Toyota Center?  I've sat so high in Minute Maid Park and Reliant Stadium that I could practically touch the back wall and it was always spotlessly clean when I got there.  The Rockets moved us to section 116 shortly after the game started and thankfully those floors were clean.  All I can say is ick.

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