Film Fight

Film Fight

This afternoon I had a knock down, drag out, fight with my film scanner.  Four hours later I declare it a draw.  

I tried to scan my roll of film from the Diana, which is square 120 format film, last week without much success. It was late at night when I started so after about 20 minutes of trying I gave up.  I decided this afternoon to really give it a go.  It wasn't pretty.  I couldn't get the Canon software which came with the scanner to see the square size.  It kept previewing things with a crop.  And there wasn't much documentation or help in the program or online.

I also tried the recommended VueScan software which I had purchased months ago.  This software has a steep learning curve and it was also not cooperating.  The colors kept coming out blue.  After yelling at the machine, yelling at Twitter and sending a whiny Flickrmail to a friend I finally got it semi-working.  I scanned in the Diana and decided since I was on a semi-roll to scan in the first roll from the Pentax MX.

This was a telling moment.  I purchased this camera with the thought that it will be my main film camera. I am glad to say that I am happy with the results.  I still struggled with the scanning, especially getting the colors right.  It seems every photo I worked on came out a different color.  I can correct some of it in Lightroom, but not everything.  I know that I shouldn't expect things to be perfect the first time around, but what can I say, I'm a perfectionist.  I am going to have to remember that it will probably take me several rolls of film and several fights with VueScan, Arcsoft and the scanner to get things right. I've realized that as I'm getting older I am getting less patient so this will probably be a good thing for me.  I'll have to keep telling myself that when I lose my patience.

In semi-related news one of the podcasts I listen to asked for film questions for an upcoming episode and I asked them about scanning.  Apparently that question was answered on the show.  I hope my question didn't sound stupid. I guess we'll know when the episode comes out.

UPDATE:  Ack!  What's that line across the bottom of the photo?  *banging head on scanner*

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