Computer Reading

Coming at you from my hotel room in San Antonio.  I am staying with a roommate this time since my mom wasn't able to come up and she picked the hotel so it is swankier than where I usually stay.  It is an all suite hotel and very nice although that means $30 a night parking and $10 a night internet access.  I parked in the garage across the street so that knocked parking down to $12, but I just can't go without internet.

So instead of going to bed like I should I am here writing about the Kindle.  I want one.  I had been holding off deciding whether I wanted one, waiting until the iPad came out.  Now that the iPad is out I think it is safe for me to say I want a Kindle.  Or heck, maybe I could get a Nook or a Sony e-Reader.  I haven't really looked at the other choices.  This really came home to me today as I was trying to decide what book to bring to read.  I've been very flaky on my books lately, picking up one and putting it down after a few days.  It's a bad habit that I need to break, but having to decide which book to bring on my trip would not have happened with the Kindle.  I would have had all my book choices on the same device.  That is an attractive prospect. 

An iPad is certainly attractive, but I really don't think I would like reading on that screen for long periods of time.  People say they look at computer screens all day or read on their iPhones, but I contend that you look away from those screens more than you realize, especially the iPhone.  I think that to keep your eyes on something for a long period of time like you would when you read a book requires a screen like the kind that the Kindle, Nook or eReader have.  Not that I really have the disposable income to get one, but I'm seriously going to start paying attention to the contenders and reading up on them.  Reading on my computer screen of course.


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