Go-go Spring Break

Do you remember last year's Spring Break?  Yeah, it sucked.  Big time.  I'm determined to make this one ultra fabulous.  No trips out of town because that adds up quickly financially but I will find plenty to entertain myself with here in Houston.  In fact I am trying to pack my schedule as tight as possible.  So far I have at least one item on each day through Friday, two on some days and one with three.  I would be happy if all of them had three, but I know I need to give myself a little breathing room.

I have realized after a recent unplanned, meandering weekend, that I get much more out of my time when I am scheduled ahead of time.  When I'm not planned I spend lots of time sitting around wondering what I should do, where I should go, etc and usually end up wasting the day.  I have tried to be a seat of the pants, go where the wind takes me kind of person, but I'm just not.  And why should I fight who I am. So I want every spare second planned and busy.  I was lazy today, but no more lazy days.  Go, go, go!

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