I have heard about the financial company Mint almost since the day they launched thanks to my podcast habit of This Week in Tech.  It is a financial service that helps you manage your money.  It is online, pulls in your banking information and has that "new web" clean look and interface.  I knew all this and have heard geeks rave about it for ages, but was just never very interested.  It didn't even really cross my radar when I set out the New Year's Resolution of money management in terms of saving money for travel.

This year money is a big focus for me.  I want to be able to go back to Panama whenever I want.  I don't want to rely on my dad to pay.  And not only Panama, but anywhere.  I want to travel more.  To that end I must pay off my credit card.  I'm not going after it as hard as I could, but I think by next January's tax refund I should have it finished.  Last night as I was skimming SXSW award winners there was Mint and before I knew it I was signing up.  And I already know even though it has been last than 24 hours that this is going to really help me because I can't lie to Mint.  I can't forget to enter my data.  Mint is pulling my data from my bank so everything will be there.  I set up the same budgeting categories in Mint that I had on my iPhone except this time if I go over I will get a text message or an email alerting me.  A virtual finger wag. Awesome.  Money management here I come.    


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