I had to do some shopping today.  I want a new TV cabinet and I was supposed to buy it last fall with some money I got from work, but it didn't happen.  I was determined to use my magazine cover money and not let it get away from me again.  Once the new cabinet is in place (I found one yay!) I can finally get rid of the old cabinet AND my old TV which has been sitting in the corner of my living room since Hurricane Ike (embarrassing).  

I also decided to finally use a Lane Bryant gift card that I have had since Christmas so I was in and out of shops all afternoon.  And I've finally had it with living in Frumpville.  I've said it before, usually about my clothes, and I have lamented before about my lack of grown-up furniture.  Today's shopping trip combined with a stop into some shops with my friend and her mom on Monday just cements it in my mind.  I'm so tired of looking frumpy and living frumpy.  Most of my furniture isn't even up to Ikea level.  It is more like Wal-Mart specials. Pathetic. I want to live like a grown up who lives in a sophisticated urban city and has a sophisticated urban space.  And a grown up who looks and dresses like that too.  

Part of the problem is I generally just don't care about what I'm wearing especially on a weekday when I'm heading to work.  I don't think work is that big a deal, but more often than not it carries over to the weekend.  I also would much rather spend my money on electronics or books or eating out or activities in town than to buy new towels or curtains or things for my house.  And make-up!  Don't even start me on how out of my element beauty salons and make-up shops make me feel.  Shopping is not my favorite activity, but if I want to be a grown up and look like one I'm going to have to start caring about these things.  And spending money on these things.  Not lots of money because as you know my main focus is paying off my credit card and things won't change over night.  I imagine it will take a few years, but I am determined to be out of Frumpville in the next few years.  I want to look the best I can and live in a beautiful space.  In so many ways I feel like my life has been treading water for a long time.  It is time to move forward.

P.S.  I also realize I'm going to have to spend a little more for quality stuff.  Or at least higher quality than I've been purchasing so far.  It makes a difference.  Sigh.  Money, money, money.  Where's my lottery ticket again?  Oh right... I never buy one.

Spring Break 2010