Spring Break 2010

Today is the last day of my Spring Break.  I'm going to be a homebody today.  I am happy to say that other than my first day of Spring Break last Saturday this is my first lazy day.  It was a really great and busy Spring Break.  I was driven to make up for last spring Break when I was so sick.  The countdown clock has now started on summer vacation. 81 days. Here is my Spring Break recap.


-Assignment: Houston photo meet-up at Wabash Feed & Antiques.
-Breakfast at Goode Co. Taqueria
-Shopping at L'Occitane (I love this store!)
-Dropped by Fotofest Headquarters to look at some photos and pick up a calendar.
-GHPA walking tour of downtown Houston with photo friend Michael.

-Lunch with longtime online friend Matt and his brother-in-law at Guadalajara.
-Afternoon with college friend Amy and her mother who made an impromptu visit to Houston.  We met at Discovery Green then walked to The Shops at Houston Center and then took the tunnels to Macy's.  
-Dinner with my friend Patrick at Canary Cafe.
-Monday was friend day.

-Feeling a little under the weather.  Oh no you don't!  I refuse to get sick and I refuse to rest!
-Dropped into Gallery Furniture to look for a TV stand.  Haven't been in ages and needed more time to just wander around with my mouth open at the craziness of that store.
-Pie in the Sky for lunch with Tammy.  I am STILL dreaming about that pie.  It was fabulous.
-Stopped by Pier 1 and found exactly the kind of cabinet I was looking for.
-HMNS Hubble 3D premiere with my friend Barbara.

-Shopping Day!
-Bellaire Broiler Burger.  I'm trying to discover new places.
-Lane Bryant to use a gift card.
-Crate and Barrel.
-West Elm.  Thanks Tammy for the recommendation of this store.  I didn't find what I needed, but I'll be back.
-Pottery Barn.  My first time in this store.  Meh.
-Frumpville Aha!
-Back to Pier 1 to purchase my TV stand.
-Amy's Ice Cream.  Mexican Vanilla with Strawberries.
-South Pacific at the Hobby Center.  Fabulous!

-Lazy creeping in.  Oh no!
-Rode my bicycle around HSPVA.  It's been too long.  Can't wait to live in a place where I can ride all the time and not have to drive my bike to a place to ride.
-Nap!  First one of my vacation.
-Rodeo.  Ride the extremely packed metrorail.  Pay my ticket.  Walk in.  Check my camera.  NO CF CARD.  Ready to sit down and cry right there.  No rodeo photos for me this year.  Second year in a row. So sad about it.  
-Drowned my sorrows in a Beck's burger and piece of cake from Dessert Gallery.
-Thursday was a bust in my mind.

-Ran Errands
-Thinking about turning 40! (Upcoming blog post)
-Bell Park photos for Assignment: Houston.  
-Searched for a park to read a book.  Bell Park too windy. Went to Sculpture Garden, but really didn't want to sit at a table to read. Tried to go to Hermann Park, but everything was closed off and Discovery Green was nuts. Came home and actually read.  I usually fall asleep when reading at home so this was progress.
-Dinner at Byrd's Market Place
-Opening Reception of Toy Camera Photography exhibit by Laura Burlton and Warren Harold.  Saw lots of photo friends and had lots of wonderful, fun conversations.  Not usually the type of social situation I'm comfortable with, but I had a lovely evening.

-Downtown  Home Tour.  Got to see places in Rice Lofts, Franklin Lofts, Bayou Lofts, One Park Place, Four Seasons Private Residences, Commerce Tower and Hogg Palace.  Absolutely fabulous.
-Central Market to restock my neglected kitchen.
-Spent the evening dreaming of owning a place downtown (not happening).

Today.  Watching TV. Picking up apartment.  Laundry.  Pot Roast.  Process photos.  Maybe a nap. Decisions on the 40 thing (promise a blog post is coming)

It will NOT be easy to go back to work tomorrow.