I do not get along with daylight saving time.  It doesn't matter that I had a whole week on Spring Break to get used to it because frankly I wasn't getting up at 5:30 am on my vacation.  And it doesn't matter that it has only been a few days, because even if I was on it for eight months I still wouldn't be used to it.  

You wouldn't think that one hour would make that much a difference, but it does.  I am already a late night owl.  My ideal sleeping hours i.e. my summer sleeping hours are generally 2 a.m. to 9 a.m.  7 hours or so. Obviously that doesn't fit my current work schedule but when it hits 9  or 10 p.m. on DST I'm not even close to being tired.  So I end up staying late and not getting a good night's sleep.  I have a better chance of being asleep in the 10 o'clock hour on standard time than I do on daylight saving time.

One of the reasons I get up so early is because I am NOT a morning person.  I need a long time to just sit and blink, and really do nothing and let my mind and body wake up.  I am not the kind that can roll out of bed and be walking out the door 20 minutes later.  But even though I am just sitting and blinking I can barely stay awake on DST.  The blinking isn't to bring me to alertness, it is to keep me from falling asleep. There's a difference and it's not fun.

Ok.  Have to get ready for work even though I'm still trying to stay awake. Today and Thursday are both late nights at work so I anticipate grumpiness this week. 79 days until summer vacation.

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