Sci Fi Fandom

This is genius!  Sheer genius.  I am a Sci Fi fan and grew up as a Star Wars fan.  I will always be a Star Wars fan (original trilogy thank you) despite the downward spiral that my beloved movies have taken with their complete exploitation by George Lucas.  I also love Star Trek especially the Next Generation and I am definitely a Firefly fan.  In fact I got this from Nathan Fillion's Twitter feed and I was just thinking about 20 minutes earlier that I needed to put some Firefly on my iPhone to get me through the upcoming weekend in the country.  This graph is so spot on, it's practically perfect.  As for the other two I've seen Avatar, but I'm not that big a fan and I've never watched Lost, but I know enough about the fandom to see that this is pretty accurate.

Click on the image to get the large size and enjoy!

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