April Fool's

Today has been a weird day.  

We had Pre-UIL at work.  A stressful event in itself where we take five choirs through the UIL process. That's a lot because each choir's process takes an hour from warm-up to concert to sight reading so I was pretty much in high anxiety contest mode from 7:30 this morning when students started arriving to 3:00 p.m. this afternoon when I finally was able to leave campus.

Just some of the stuff from today.  When I arrived I had a chocolate bunny sitting on my desk, a gift from my co-worker.  I think she was trying to ease my stress because I had a bad day yesterday with some students. For the most part I felt like the students were calm at the contest or maybe I was calm.  I don't know but it was a different feeling than normal and they did the best they have done so far this year.  Of course as soon as I looked at the judges comments that ripped everything apart I didn't feel so good, but at least I know that this year's crop of kids performs well under pressure.  

By the time I was done at 3:00 I was STARVING because I hadn't eaten breakfast and worked through lunch. I picked up take out on the way home and came home to rest my aching "been in high heels all day" feet.  I ate, surfed the internet, watched some TV and finally fell asleep around 5:30.  I kept waking up thinking I use my foot bath massager, but would just promptly fall back asleep.  

I woke up around 7:30 and checked my email.  No wireless signal.  I looked over at my Time Capsule which is also my wireless router and the light was out.  And then my stomach did that gurgle that said that it didn't quite like my food as much as I did.  I unplugged and plugged my Time Capsule back in, saw the light come back on and rush to the restroom.  When I came back out, no light.  Repeat the following sequence of events about three more times.  Then I called it.  Dead Time Capsule.  I moved my laptop over to the desk, got the internet back through ethernet cable and researched.  Of course only after whining that I was now not going to be able to buy an electronic book reader (I first thought about a Kindle and then was leaning towards a Nook) because now I was going to have to buy a Time Capsule.

But wait.  After doing more research it looks like I might be able to have my Time Capsule replaced for free by Apple.  Apparently they have a problem with failures with the Time Capsules and in November of last year changed their policy.  I searched and it looks like anyone who has AppleCare on their computer (which I do) can get their Time Capsule replaced.  It isn't explicitly stated by Apple so I will find out tomorrow when I head into the Apple Store.  So that was a bit of good news.  And then?  Then I got an email from a Flickr contact who said that she had an extra Kindle and if I wanted it I could have it.  I KNOW!  It almost seems too good to be true.  I'm going to call her tomorrow to arrange to pick it up.  A free Kindle!!

Today has been a weird day.

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