The Kindle Era

Well I have entered the Kindle era.  It is still kind of unbelievable.  After I set my Time Capsule up (yay Apple for giving me a replacement) I started reading up on the Kindle.  I am one of those people that has to read all the instructions so it took me a while before I really started playing with it.  I just went on a shopping spree on Amazon.  Luckily I was mostly shopping for free public domain books.  I made one purchase of a Bill Bryson book.  

Now we will see.  One of my hesitations about buying the Kindle, Nook or any eReader was whether or not I would really read with it.  My reading has fallen off so horribly the last few years thanks to the distractions that the internet offers.  Actually I do read, it is just that I'm reading articles and blog posts, not books.  I feel like my attention span for books has dropped which is a sad, sad thing.  I have heard people say over and over again how they read so much more with their Kindles/Nooks/Sonys but $250ish was a lot to gamble on a hope.  Now I am only gambling the price of the books and right now that is starting with $10.  If I'm a good girl and finish this book then I'll let myself buy another one.  And in the meantime I have about 10 classics on there (Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Scarlet Pimpernel, etc.) waiting for me.

So Kindle users what are you tips, tricks, hints and gems.  What should I know about this device?  What kinds of things are on your Kindle?  Let's talk.

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