The Fabulous Miss Julia

I must take this moment to mark the passing of Dixie Carter.  Designing Women was one of my very favorite shows when it first hit the airways in 1986.  I watched it for about 5 of the 7 years it was on.  What a wonderful show.  I loved all the women and their highly scripted, witty, sarcastic conversation.  They each had such a wonderful quality, but of course my favorite was Julia Sugarbaker.  Charlene was a little too sweet, Mary Jo was a little too flaky and Suzanne was just a little too crazy.  

I loved the way Julia dressed.  I loved that Julia was intelligent and fiercely independent.  And Julia was classy.  How do you define class?  I think it is a hard to define quality, but you know it when you see it. I would love to be thought of as a classy woman.  I don't feel particularly classy in my frumpville clothes and my frumpville apartment and I know I don't always act in a classy way, but it is something I aspire to.  I think there are worse things in the world than to aspire to be like Julia Sugarbaker.

Julia was known for making her famous, blistering speeches.  After a few years the formula of the show was obvious with Julia putting someone in their place, but I could overlook the lack of originality because the dialogue was sharp (for those first 5ish years) and the speeches were fabulous.  What a show and what a lady.  Thank you Dixie Carter.  Thank you Julia Sugarbaker.


Out with the old...