My birthday has snuck up on me.  I kept thinking that the end of the month was weeks away, but it is already next weekend!  Not that it really matters because other than my co-workers taking me to dinner nothing really special happens.  I'm thinking it will be a sad birthday because I will probably still be in a work funk and just not feeling great about the direction of my life in general.  Usually I have a few weeks to sort things out after UIL, but it was much later this year and bumps right up to my birthday.  At least that's how I'm feeling today.

I really did not do a good a job on Checklist #37 as I did on #36.  I only completed about half the items.  And since I wasn't really thinking about it I haven't even really thought about #38.  I may move a few items over, but I'm not sure.  I know I thought of stuff throughout the year but of course I can't remember anything today. Hopefully this sad fog will lift soon so I can think clearly about the little goals I want to work on for the next year.  

And since we are talking checklists I just looked at my New Year's Resolutions and I'm not doing so hot. Can you believe the fourth month of 2010 is almost over?  Wow time flies.  I'm terrible at eye contact.  I only remember on occasion to practice.  And now a friend said I had to add smiling to eye contact.  I didn't write that down, but I know he is right.  As for the simple life I'm slowly getting better at cooking.  If I don't make a meal plan and then don't make it to the grocery store I'm screwed for the week.  I need to get better at the planning part.  Fun on the cheap, yeah not so much.  I went spend crazy during Spring Break and am still paying for it.  As for disconnect I'm still as wired as ever.  So much personal improvement to work on.

In the Heights