Checklist 37 Wrap-up

So let's see how I did with Checklist #37.

1. Ride a bike - Done.  Not only did I ride a bike, I purchased one.  I can't wait to live in an area where I can ride more frequently.

2. 52 weeks project - Nah.  And I don't feel guilty about it.  Self portraits just aren't my thing.

3. Grow an herb garden - Didn't do this, but I do have a box just waiting to grow some herbs.  I think at this point I want to wait until I move to the new place to see about setting up new plants.

4. Submit calls for entry - I only did one I think and missed Krappy Kamera again.  

5. Go to the Alley Theater - Done.  

6. Houston Photobloggers posting schedule - That site is now closed and gone.  Assignment Houston website is in it's place and I have a posting schedule although I don't always stick to it.

7. Fun Walks - Didn't do this.  Will concentrate on getting my biking legs under me in the next year so I can go on some of the biking things around the city.

8. One roll of film every two months - No problem now.  I am now doing half film/half digital so I easily finish a roll of film once every two months.

9. One-on-one photowalks - I didn't really do this.  

10. Go out on a weeknight - Successful.  Too successful.  I had to cut back.

11. Be spontaneous - I'm getting better.

In terms of my checklist 37 wasn't as successful as 36.  I only completed about half of them and that's being generous on the photobloggers list.  I'm not too worried about it because while I would like to complete all the things on my list at least I did some new things.  I have no idea about checklist 38.  I haven't really thought much about it and am not really in the mood to be introspective (too many demons lurking below the surface), but I'll get something down soon.

Checklist #38

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