Thus it begins

Today the apartment search begins.  I am seeing three properties this afternoon. I have been all over the internet looking at listing after listing on HAR and In the Loop Properties and Craigslist.  I have no idea if I'll be able to find anything workable that I can afford.  Of course I've found a place that looks fabulous but it is about $75 more than I wanted to pay and I don't think it will have near the storage my current place does (nothing I look at will).  I could probably get rid of a few things and take a few more to the farm, but other than that what do I do with my stuff!  I'm going to have to figure it out no matter which place I choose.  I actually looked up Public Storage prices.  Did you know that the smallest one rents for around $50 a month?  Yikes!

My brain has been a swirl and I'm anxious to get this underway.  The uncertainty is killing me.  The part I really don't know is whether I should snap up the things I see today or keep looking.  What if I were to wait one week and the dream place were to become available.  Or if I wait on my decision and the so-so place that barely fit my specs anyway is suddenly gone.  It's such a volatile market.  I know I'm probably not going to be 100% happy with anything I get.  I wish I could pick up my current apartment and move it into town.

*deep breath*  Ok.  *deep breath*

I'm just ready to get the search underway.  Please, please let 4:00 get here quickly.


Checklist #38