I can't believe it has already been one week and I haven't written my news.  I found an apartment!  Hooray!  I looked at eight properties last week over the course of three days and the next to last property was the one.  In fact I had to take the day off of work because it was only being shown during the middle of the day.  The rest of the last week has been spent waiting for approval and just trying to get finished with school.  Today is the last day with the students.  I work until next Thursday but once the kids leave it will get MUCH easier.  

I get the keys to the apartment in 15 days and the movers come three days after that.  I haven't packed a single box yet, but I will get a start on that this weekend.  I am so excited about my new apartment and especially it's fabulous location.  I'm hoping that excitement will propel me through the drudgery of packing.


Thus it begins