ECF: Newsman

One of the blogs I have followed for a long time, Buzzstuff, used to have a feature called Eye Candy Friday. He found the most amazing photos of celebrities, both men and women and put them in a weekly post.  I have no idea how he found some of the images that he did. Lots and lots of searching I imagine.

While I try to stay out of the shallow end of the pool, and nothing turns me off faster than stupidity no matter how pretty the package, sometimes I do have to stop and catch my breath when I see a particularly good looking person.  What can I say?  I'm human.  So on occasion I'm going to throw up a photo of someone who is on my distraction radar.  I'm titling these ECF in honor of the former Eye Candy Friday. Even though today is not Friday.  Eh, it works for me. I did this once before and that photo still takes my breath away.

First up, David Muir.  I have long been an ABC girl and my first ABC crush was Peter Jennings.  David reminds me of Peter in a lot of ways.  It isn't just his looks that reminds me of him, but his style of reporting and his way with people.   Each time I see him when he is out in the field I really get a sense of a genuinely compassionate person that is rare these days in television journalism.  So many of the reporters seem so fake to me.  I feel like half the time they aren't even listening to the answers of the person they are interviewing. He has been given a more prominent place on ABC ever since Diane Sawyer took over the evening news.  I was already a fan before, but the fact that he has retweeted some things I said on twitter and sent me a direct message.... well.... be still my heart.  AND I'm not a crazy kook and I did delete the message.  

After a day or two.

P.S.  Every time I looked at this photo I kept thinking of Peter Jennings so I found a picture of him too.  Maybe I am just drawn to the dark, handsome and intelligent type.

Update: This post has been up for less than 12 hours and I'm already getting traffic from people searching for David Muir.  And all I can think of is how shallow they will think I am from this post.  I promise internet people.  I'm not shallow!  Well, not usually.  Well just this one time.  Well not this ONE time, but you know what I mean.  You know what, never mind.  Just look at the pictures.


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