A peaceful place

So it begins.  I got keys to the new place today.  I walked into a place that wasn't quite ready for me to see it.  I think there was a miscommunication with housekeeping.  And as I peeked into closets and opened cabinets I was distinctly ruffled.  How was I going to fit stuff into this place.  The hall closet was smaller than I remember and the bathroom closet had built in shelves which I don't remember either.  And the place was dirty and felt old. I was unsettled.  

I ran some errands and when I got back the apartment had been cleaned and it made a difference. I started laying down liner in the kitchen drawers and I started feeling more at home.  This reminds me of my cat. Anytime she goes somewhere new she is out of sorts for a while and wanders around and around the location.  That is exactly what I was doing.  Going from room to room wandering.  But after a few hours there I finally started to settle down and it started to feel comfortable.  

I have a feeling that I will have wild swings of emotions the next couple of days from elation, to frustration, to stress, to worry and back again.  I have been lucky so far in that it has been a relatively easy process getting ready for this move.  I've had spikes of stress or frustration but they were few.  Everyone talks about how stressful moving is and I'm thankful that it waited this long before it hit me, but I feel it now.  Movers come Monday.  I hope one week from now to be in a peaceful place both physically and mentally.

Notes to my future self