Notes to my future self

Keywords: Packing, Moving

Start with 12 small, 20 medium and 3 large U-Haul boxes.

It is worth the extra time and expense to pack the weird shaped items in a box.  Or even hire someone to pack the odds and ends.  You do not want to spend days carrying stuff on your own (as I just have) that could have been packed in a box and moved by movers with just a little more effort on your part.

Do not wait until the last day to pack the bathroom or empty the refrigerator.  These jobs take longer than you think they do.

Do not get keys on a Friday and move on a Monday.  The wait is interminable.  Keys on a Monday move on a Wednesday or keys on Tuesday move on a Thursday.  

On the last day do not read websites about how to have an easy move or how to move without upsetting your cat because all the suggestions will be things that you should have done four weeks ago.

Do not pack away the allergy medicine that you were going to take that was going to help you sleep.

Do not pack away the laundry detergent because you are going to be extra sweaty and smelly the last few days and you are going to want to wash the few clothes you set aside.  You can buy a mini bottle of laundry detergent if you get desperate. 

If your grand plan is to watch a movie the last night you are at the house do not pack the DVD player. 

Lessons learned.  

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