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Well first I guess I should say that I'm still not adjusting to the new place especially the air conditioner, but I will just have to deal with it.  I am sure that it is a sound that wouldn't bother most people, so I know it isn't an emergency.  The plan right now is to start talking to management in the spring about moving to a downstairs when one becomes available.  I like the complex, the location and the apartment itself.  Just not the vibrations and the hum from living underneath the air conditioner and living on the second floor.  But I do finally have internet and cable back so that's a good thing!

I think I have a plan for grocery shopping.  I have talked about grocery stores here before.  I love a nice, well stocked, fancy grocery store something I did not have in my old neighborhood.  Having a good produce section is especially important because I am NOT a fruit or vegetable person but can be swayed by beautiful displays.  The selection at my previous store, even though it was a "signature" store was just sad.  In the past year I have frequently made trips into town to go to Central Market.  That's a 25 minute trip one way, but I told myself it was my reward for making recipe lists and actually cooking.  

Well now I live in ground central of grocery stores.  Within 10 minutes of my new apartment are six, SIX grocery stores and they are the cream of their particular crop.  We have Randall's, Whole Foods, Central Market, Rice Epicurean, Kroger and HEB.  All of them catering to the wealthy class so all of them quite upscale and very nice.  How in the world to decide?

Well Whole Foods isn't really my thing so that one is out.  I can see myself dropping in there every once in a while, but I'm not a Whole Foods girl.  Central Market is my love so that one is a given.  But Central Market doesn't carry things like cleaners, trash bags, etc. and I need a regular old grocery store that I can run in and out of real fast and get all the stuff I need.  Rice Epicurean is very schmancy, but their produce isn't actually that good.  Their bakery is out of this world (cookies and croissants especially) so again I can drop in every once in a while, but they were out of the running as the regular location.  But as a quick aside Rice delivers!  I think of those times when I am sick as a dog and no food in the house.  Yep, I'm totally getting stuff delivered.  

So that leaves Kroger, HEB and Randall's.  I've been using Kroger forever, I'm not wild about them and there wasn't anything particular different than any other store so that one is out.  As far as Randall's it seems like they have fallen off the radar as HEB and Kroger race to win grocery dollars.  It seems like I heard so much about them growing up and when I first moved here and not so much recently.  I'm not sure if that is true or my imagination. So I decided that HEB was going to be it.  The newest "big" HEB is about 10 minutes from me (across the street from Kroger) and is full of bells and whistles.  That has been my grocery destination the last two times.  And you know what?  It didn't feel right.  Halfway through my second trip I realized that this store just didn't vibe with me.  I'm not sure what it is but I believe businesses have personalities and this one just didn't fit.

So today I popped into the Randall's which is the second closest store to me (Whole Foods is blocks away).  I walked in looking for a spice and to pick up a loyalty card and it just felt right.  It is just like my old Kroger in the sense that it is just a regular grocery store, but everything about it is much nicer than my old store.  The produce section is well stocked, the meat section is fine for basic needs and it just felt better to me than any of the other stores.  I am now a believer even more in personalities of stores and buildings.  So Randall's and Central Market it is.  And another thing is checked off the moving checklist.

Happy 4th

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