The New Awesome

I am awesome

I got this card from the Heather Champ who created them as a thank you to people who donated to her half marathon run in October raising money for Leukemia.  This was a no brainer for me because a.) a good friend of mine is on his way to remission from a battle with leukemia and b.) Heather is an inspirational photographer.

But the card.  I need this card.  This is something that I need to tell myself on a daily basis because it is a message that I have problems believing. Most of the time it feels like awesome lives are things that happen to other people with their beautiful homes, their husbands or boyfriends that love them, their friends that surround them, their nice clothes and nice cars and their ability to take fabulous trips around the world. Things that don't happen to me.  

I have had a hard time this summer with the move to the new apartment (as readers here well know).  I told so many people before I moved that this was going to change my life and when things got bumpy I think part of me felt like it was a sign that the good things just can't come my way.  That I would be stuck in this lonely, sad place I have been in for so long no matter what my address. 

But I promise that I am trying, I really am, to think in a new way.  This card lives now on my refrigerator where I can see it every day.  It has even started invading my thinking when I've been in a bad place.  It has forced me to get up and get out and enjoy the new part of town I am living in.  It is something that I am going to tell myself everyday and maybe one day I won't just read it, but I'll believe it.

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