Checking In

Let's check in on my lists shall we.  First up Checklist #38.

1.) Find a new hair salon - I just ended up going back to Ulta and I liked the girl that did my hair.  And she was $15 cheaper than my previous person who was the manager.  Works for me.

2.) Go to the doctor for a check-up - Not yet.  Don't even want to think about it.

3.) Posting schedule at Assignment: Houston website - Not yet, but hopefully this one will be coming soon.  I considered ditching the site but I don't want to do that.  I've considered writing it from a more first person perspective.  Regular readers might be jarred with the change in writing style, but then again I don't think there are that many people reading so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  I'm still contemplating the change.

4.) Get fitted for a bra - Nope

5.) Buy new bedding - Nope, but I think I have decided on a color scheme for the bedroom (gray) if that counts for anything.

6.) Hang curtains in the living room - I wrote this list before I moved and it just so happens that my new living room has floor to ceiling blinds so no room for curtains.  Consider this one done.

7.) Hang artwork in the living room - I currently have in a box in my apartment three prints that I have selected for hanging on the wall.  They are unusual sizes so that is why I haven't hung them yet, but hopefully soon.

8.) Netflix at least twice a month - I think I am on schedule for this one.

9.) Send at least one card/postcard a month.  I've sent two so far so technically I'm on schedule.

10.) Read 15 new books this year - I just finished book #6 American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson.  I will make this goal no problem, thanks in part to the Kindle.

As for the New Year's Resolutions,  I just looked at the post and I have done nothing, nothing, to forward any of those goals.  Oh well.  Hopefully having to look up my goals will help fire them up again.

Oh, you moved here too?

The Kiss