Oh, you moved here too?

There is unfortunately one thing that made the trip from my old part of town to my new part of town.  My complete lack of time management in the evening (and the morning).  In spite of all my complaining about my new location, I was doing a wonderful job of keeping the new apartment picked up and clean.  It sparkled and even though I was having a hard time getting used to it, it certainly was a pleasant place.

As soon as I started back to work last week everything has gone to hell.  There's stuff everywhere, I'm barely keeping up with getting the trash out, the grocery store is a thing of the past and there is definitely no sparkle.  And it is not just my house.  My news reader has 286 unread articles and my photoblog has dropped to one posting a week and I still have five rolls of film sitting on my desk that have been waiting to be mailed for two weeks.

I know that especially the week before school and the first week of school are horribly long hours (13 hours yesterday) but I never seem to be able to manage it.  By the time I get home I generally have about 3 to 4 hours before I am supposed to go to bed, but I never seem to spend them doing domestic things.  I spend them on the sofa, with the TV on in the background, messing around on the computer.  And then in the morning, when I don't have the time, I generally get a domestic streak and suddenly want to clean and organize and do all kinds of things when I instead should be getting ready for work.  And the weekends where I would actually have time to do things seem to evaporate into puffs of smoke before my eyes.  Where does the time go?

None of this is new to me because that is exactly how I was at the old apartment.  I had such hope that things were going to be different here.  I was going to live a new life.  I can't tell you the last time the poor bicycle came out.  I am going to really hope that this is beginning of school mayhem and that I will be able to settle into a better routine. 

The she I used to be

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