The she I used to be

I'm not feeling well today.  My head feels like it is stuffed with cotton and it is a little achy.  A combination I am sure of the exhaustion from getting back to work and the dust I am dealing with while getting the room back up and ready for students.  I'm allergic to dust.

I have a theory that I get sick at the beginning of every school year so I went back through my blog archives and looked at the months of August and September for the last four years.  As I was scrolling through the posts looking for evidence to support my theory I found myself drawn in to the writing.  Sometimes the posts were two sentences long and other times paragraphs upon paragraphs.  They were silly, or funny or sad and everything in between.  As I read it I understood why the five or six of you that have been my readers for so long stick around.  This used to be an interesting blog.   

Where did that writer go?  Where is that engaging blogger?  It is obvious looking back over the archives that things have been different for the last two years.  I have always heard about how Twitter and Facebook were heralding in the death of blogs, but I didn't think that applied to me because I was still blogging despite using both of those services.  But now I can see it very clearly.  My blogging has dropped off.  I knew I wasn't blogging as much, but I always had an excuse like end of the year, or moving or cat stress.

I don't share the little here anymore.  The posts that fill in the cracks and make up a more complete picture of who I am.  Well as much as you will get from a blog.  I don't post one sentence posts here because I put that stuff on Twitter (or Facebook).  I don't share funny little stories because they also go on those micro services or I just decide they are too long to share and they don't get written at all.  

I think it is also tied with my last post about time management.  I know that I wasn't as big a time waster on the internet a few years ago as I am today.  I still haven't figured out what is causing it or how I can change it, but now I'm doubly interested in finding a solution.  I liked the blogger that I used to be and I want to get her back even though she did whine incessantly about being alone (oh wait... I still do that).  

First Day!

Oh, you moved here too?