First Day!

A fairly young teacher commented yesterday on Facebook that he was nervous about the first day of school. The longer I have been teaching the longer it takes for me to get nervous.  The first few years I taught I was nauseated the whole weekend before.  Then it moved to just the Sunday before.  The last couple of years it hasn't hit me until the first morning.  And yes, right on time my stomach is doing flip flops this morning.  

Why in the world do teachers get nervous on the first day of school?  A young teacher I understand, but someone like me who is starting their 17th year (yes 17!).  We are the ones that know what is going on and what is going on in our room.  I'm guessing it is because we are nervous about year will go well and whether the kids will like us.  I find it funny that someone who is such an introvert, such a loner, ended up in a job that is all about people.  Maybe that's why I'm burned out on people all the rest of the time.

So raise a glass of milk (or coffee, or oj... whatever your morning beverage may be) to the start of a hopefully wonderful new school year.

First Days

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