iPhone 4

The last few weeks I have been yammering on Twitter how I want an iPhone 4 no doubt annoying my followers.  I've come close a couple of time to actually buying one.  Yesterday and today I was on my way to the AT&T store to buy one, but turned back when I was a few blocks away.

Here is my reasoning for not buying one right now.  I hope that I can refer to this when I get the urge again.

1.) I really don't have the money.  If my current phone broke or was lost I would have the money to get a new phone, but to just get it because I have some kind of whim, not really.

2.) I haven't heard a compelling reason yet to upgrade from a 3GS.  Every person who has raved about upgrading is coming from a 3G.  I can completely understand that move and if I had a 3G then I would move up without hesitation.  But I have a 3GS which was a big step up from the 3G.  I haven't found anyone who has really told me that moving from a 3GS to an iPhone 4 is a huge deal.

3.) There is a lot of speculation that Apple is going to announce that the iPhone is going to Verizon in January.  I actually haven't had any problems with AT&T and haven't really had a problem with their service, but if I get a new phone now I'll be in a new two year contract.  If I wait my contract will be up around the time that Apple will probably release a new phone (next summer).  I won't necessarily leave AT&T but I will have the option to choose the most affordable plan.

4.) Did I mention I don't really have the extra money?  Or if I did I should probably spend it on some new clothes because my current wardrobe is sad or on getting my car cleaned because it seriously needs it or on the $80 a month I'm going to have to spend for my cat to get her treatment not to mention new cat foods, etc.

Yeah, so I'll wait.  Hopefully patiently.