Hooray for a three day weekend.  I need this one (everyone says that right?).  Work is about to get very busy with morning and afternoon rehearsals and I really need everything to settle down in a routine.

Recover the apartment: The lady that cleans my apartment has had a string of family emergencies and hasn't been able to come the last few weeks so my apartment is currently a shambles.  I just come home from work and ignore it (see here).  I feel so much better when my apartment is picked up and clean so I will be working on that today. 

Recover my work life: For the first time in years, YEARS, I brought home my lesson plans.  I usually stay late at work on Friday to work on them.  It takes me about two hours to do the lesson plans for the next week if I do them right.  If I just put the bare minimum with no details it goes much faster, but then my classes aren't as focused.  I haven't done them at home for many years because I used to bring work home and then just let it sit.  It also takes me longer when I'm doing them at home. I didn't like staying late at work, but at least at work I could concentrate without distractions.  But I've already been staying at work until 6:30, 7:00, 7:30 at night and the school year is only two weeks old.  I just don't want to do that this year.  I am going to try doing this part at home and see if I can do it.  

Of course since they are due on Friday I'm probably more often than not be late since I need the weekend to work on them.  I get a little bitter when I talk about lesson plans because I get very little leeway in my lesson planning when I have to write five different preparations and the academic teachers only have to write two.  Also the math, science and language arts teachers all have specialists that write  their lesson plans for them!!!  So yeah, it is easy for them to have four weeks worth of stuff in at a time.  Not to mention they don't have the rehearsals and the extra paperwork that comes with a choir program.  *arrrgggghhhhh....... deep breath...... deep breath*.  I'm hoping this will help get my work life on a stable track.

Recover my voice:  Right on time I'm losing my voice.  It happens frequently at the beginning of the year.  I'm not sure if it is because when I go back to school I deal with a lot of dust and exhaustion and long hours which aggravates my allergies which leads to a lot of coughing and runny noses which leads to me losing my voice or if it is the time of the year where the weather changes kick off the same symptoms.  It doesn't seem like we've had very much weather change in the month of August so I'm leaning towards the return to school.  Regardless my allergy suffering frequently leads to this weekend being one used to recover my voice and thus it is this weekend.  Other than two outings this weekend I am going to be breathing steam, drinking water and lemon tea and keeping quiet.  That may sound easy but I frequently talk and sing to my cat.  I'm sure she will be happy to not have to listen to me this weekend.

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