She Speaks

With a vacuum of my living room this morning my apartment will be clean.  Hooray!  Yesterday was a mix of sleeping and cleaning.  I probably could have cleaned everything in two hours if I had done it straight, but instead I did one thing and then rested.  I thought I was being lazy, but today I feel better so I think my body was just exhausted.  This always seems to be the weekend to repair my broken body after the start of school.

I am coming out of vocal silence because I am going to have breakfast with two high school friends.  I have known both of these people since middle school.  I saw one a few years ago by complete accident.  I can't even remember the last time I saw the other one, but I'm going to guess it was close to 15 years ago.  I know I'm not supposed to use my voice, but I think reconnecting with high school people that are in town for one day is worth it.  


Spice is good