Soon: Happy (or at least content)

I've started this post three different times, but I keep erasing it because I'm not sure how to word this.  I've decided for the next couple of months (really into the spring) to try not to dwell on my love life, or lack of love life to be more accurate and focus on pulling myself into a happier place.  

Normally when I hear people say things along this line it is the statement that they have accepted and/or are content with being alone.  I find that to be one of the most depressing statements ever and I balk at the idea of ever accepting or being content with being alone.  I will never accept that.  This is different.   Right now I just need to take a few months to pull myself into a good routine, with good habits, that will make me feel better about myself.  I need to be in a happier place.  

My New Motto

I hope I can get back to a crawl