I don't even wear belts

I'm 38 years old and it has finally caught up with me.  I am going to have to be one of THOSE people.  Those people that pass up going out to eat because they can't afford it.  The people that look for deals and specials.  The people that go around the house turning the lights off and setting the temperature just a little warmer than they want.  THOSE people.

My new life is expensive.  It isn't one thing it is a lot of little things.  The rent for my new place is $50 more than the old place.  Not horrible.  My electricity bill is definitely higher than the old place.  The building is older, it isn't as energy efficient and my old apartment was snuggled on the first floor and had excellent insulation.  I have to fill my car up more frequently thanks to the longer commute.  

All of those little things add up, but there are two big things that are really sucking money out of my wallet.  

1.) Eating Out.  There are so many wonderful restaurants in the area and it is so easy to justify getting take out here or grab a quick meal there.  Except eating out is usually a $20-30 proposition at minimum.  And of course if I'm NOT going out to eat then that means I'm supposed to be cooking every day for myself and that brings it's own problems and expenses.

2.) Gypsy.  The treatments for her renal failure are definitely taking the biggest toll.  I am paying $80 a month to get her subcutaneous fluids.  I was hoping that I would eventually be able to learn how to do it on my own, but it always takes both of us to make it work and I have to close my eyes when she sticks the needle in so I don't think that I will be cutting out that expense anytime soon.  The other expense is the special cat food formulated for kidney failure.  We are still trying different brands, but the one I picked up the other day would cost me about $52 a month.  So add it up and it comes to $130ish a month.  That was not an expense I was planning to have.

So what to do after I cry into my pillow.  Start watching my money.  I finally found a good expense tracker for my iPhone (Spending) and I will hopefully get a clearer picture where my money goes after a month or two of data.  I'm back to contemplating getting rid of cable, but that will only cut things down by about $50.  I know every bit will help, but if I can't get a useable signal over the air getting rid of cable isn't an option.  That one is still up in the air.  I've already had to stop getting my apartment cleaned by the cleaning lady which is too bad because that made my life so much better.  The idea I hate the most is having to pass up festivals, events, performances, etc. because I may not be able to afford to go.  I'm not giving those things up yet, but I am watching my money more closely and I may have to start eliminating some of those things in the next few months.  I guess everyone has to tighten their belt at sometime or another.  I guess now it is my turn.  

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