TV Again

I  had a very productive and restful weekend.  I feel like I maximized my free time and I have to admit that one of the big reasons is because the TV mostly stayed off.  I slept like the dead Friday night and didn't get up until very late Saturday morning.  After that I decided to scan some film and clean the apartment.  In between cleaning bouts I did watch some TV but without the computer in front of me I focused on the show and got up and did something else when it was over.  After I cleaned and scanned I went out to do some errands and then rode my bike and cooked dinner.  I finished the night watching some more shows.

Now I'll stop right here to say the difference is that the TV was only on when I was specifically watching one of my DVR recordings versus its regular routine of being on all the time as background noise.  I know that the computer being tied up in scanning also had something to do with being more productive, but I think the TV is the biggest culprit.

I woke up Sunday morning and went on to the patio to read for a while.  Then I went to get a haircut, went to the movies and back here to watch the Texans game.  Once that was over the TV went back off and I made a grocery list, called my mom and went grocery shopping.  Now I am writing this blog post.  Again TV on for specific purposes.

This has been on my mind a lot as I contemplate the necessity of cable.  I'm pretty sure I don't need it, but what configuration do I set up instead.  As I mentioned in the last post I will have to make sure that I can get over the air reception before I do anything radical.  Then after that there are so many choices.  Do I get a TiVO and DVR the broadcast shows?  This would mean my life would be a lot like it is now, but would be about $50 cheaper.  I do have to take into account the $12 TiVo subscription.  Do I get something like a Roku box that would allow me to stream Netflix, subscribe to Hulu Plus, etc?  Do I just give it all up and only watch live TV?  I think that last one is the most dangerous because I think the TV would be on all the time so I wouldn't miss something.  I am a fan of television, even more than movies so it is hard for me to think of giving it up completely.  How could I relate to anyone if I don't know anything about what is on television?  That is a utopian pipe dream I believe.  I think the option that makes the most sense is the TiVo option.  Too bad Apple TV doesn't have a DVR.  

So much to think about.  But I enjoyed my weekend so I am going to try to bring the no TV except focused TV experience into this next week.  I will still watch the news in the morning because it is part of a morning routine, but I am going to see if I can really alter my evening TV watching.  

We'll see.  


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