The Weekend That Was

All in all it was a really nice weekend.  

Friday - The Greek Festival.  I'm glad I went on Friday because I heard they had so many people this year that they started running out of food on Saturday night!  Wow!  The only thing I don't like is that it gets so incredibly crowded with people you just end up elbowing your way everywhere.  I'm wondering if it is any better on Thursday night, the first night.  I've never gone then, but it might be an option.  No matter because I did get my souvlaki (oh so good...) and my kourambiedes and saw the dance show.  I've had several people ask me this weekend what is so good about the Greek Festival and while yes, the food is awesome, by now for me it is just a tradition.  Something you do because you always do.

Saturday - Up and out for a bike ride.  This was my first ride with a purpose as I decided to ride to the post office to mail a letter.  Of course I could have walked to my mailbox and mailed from there, but that's not the point.  It was nice to have a specific destination and it was nice to get back on the bike.

Then off to Miller Outdoor Theater for the Panamanian dances.  The performers are actually a dance troupe out of Austin that performs Panamanian dances and it was a really wonderful presentation.  I moved around Miller a lot until I finally settled on a good place to watch and take photographs.  A couple of notes from this.  First, one day I'd love to have a pollera, the traditional Panamanian costume, and now I know I want mine to be black and white.  That was my favorite that I saw.  Second about half way through two young guys came and sat right in front of my camera even though I was on the second row.  And then they started talking and I was so annoyed.  But after about 5 minutes they popped up and walked away and I'm sure they saw the look of annoyance on my face.  Later they were introduced as the Consul General of Panama and his assistant stationed here in Houston.  Oops.  Finally after the event I went to talk to the assistant and was disappointed to find out that they do not process new passports only renewals.  That is different than what my dad told me so I will have to wait to get my Panamanian passport.

After the performance I set out to go to Fire Fest, but by then it was quite hot and I decided to skip it.  I ran some errands (did you know EyeMasters replaces nosepads for free even if your glasses aren't from there) and came home and relaxed for a few hours.

Then off to see the wonderful Ira Glass.  What an amazing man and what a fabulous performance.  It started in complete darkness as he talked about the power of the voice on radio.  It was really smart because once the lights came on the audience was entranced and the tone was set for the evening.  This was a much different atmosphere than from Anthony Bourdain a month ago.  The Anthony Bourdain audience gave the impression of being very uncultured.  Hooting and hollering and yelling things out and just generally tacky.  The audience for Ira Glass was completely opposite.  I know it seems obvious that the NPR audience would be that way, but it was still refreshing.  Not a single person tried to sneak a photo, no one talked, they were a good audience and when it was over only a very small handful of people left during the question and answer section, unlike at Bourdain where people were pouring out the exits.  Ira Glass is an intelligent, thoughtful man who sees the world in a unique way.  He is This American Life.

Sunday - Up and out for another bike ride.  I love riding it two days in a row.  This time I rode over to the Empire Cafe part of Westheimer looking for street art.  I only found one big piece but the ride itself was wonderful.  I think having another destination really helped versus my usual way of meandering around.  I'm going to have to think about different destinations I can ride to in the area.

Then I came home and watched the start of the Texans game.  GHPA had changed their walk from the warehouse subject which I really wanted to do to a Buffalo Bayou tour which I've taken before.  I was trying to decide whether I should skip the tour and watch the Texans game when they were quickly down 21-0.  That helped me with my decision right there and I went to the GHPA tour.  Always enjoyable especially when it is downtown.  And I finished a whole roll of film just on Sunday. 

Back home, cleaned myself up and was back out to HMNS for the Pirates exhibit.  I didn't really know anything about the exhibit, but I enjoyed it quite a lot.  The Whydah is the only ship that can truly be authenticated as a pirate ship and the exhibit has a lot of artificats recovered from the ship and lots of interesting facts about pirates in general.  

Overall a wonderful weekend.  Now just to get through the next two days of concert preparation.  I'll be a happy girl on Wednesday.

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