The password is cozy

In all the years I have lived on my own I have rarely had anything on the walls.  I haven't even had curtains for that matter.  No one would ever confuse me for Suzy Homemaker or Martha Stewart. My aunt has always had magazine beautiful homes.  Part of it is because she just has a natural talent for it, but she also shops a lot, studies magazines and has the resources to get nice stuff. I would love to live like her but I have no interest in doing any of those things.

For years it never bothered me.  I would occasionally think about getting curtains, but then it would pass and I would go back to spending my money on electronics or books or going out.  When I moved to my previous apartment I put up a photo display center but my interest petered out after that.  

When I moved here I vowed that things would be different.  I am now living in a nice part of town and I needed an apartment to go with it.  This feeling was especially true after I got some glimpses into my neighbors apartments.  The word I would use to describe them is cozy.  Lived in.  Each one was different, but each one looked like someone's home.  It really made my space feel even more like a blank box.

I finally fixed some of that this weekend.  I was actually shopping for a new patio table and that is the one thing I didn't find.  But I did get new bedding (I got rid of my old cat scratched stuff when I moved), a frame for some of my photos, a piece of artwork for the living room and a piece of artwork to go over my desk and a stencil for my bedroom.  It has only been up less than 24 hours, but what a difference it has already made.  The space just feels different.

I still have a list of things to purchase to get the apartment on its feet.  I need a piece to go over my bed, new lamps for my desk and for my bedroom and a new lamp shade for my living room.  I also want to put up one or two things in the kitchen.  I have a photograph of Greece that I bought at the Bayou City Arts Festival that I need to get framed and I still need to get my mola from Panama framed and up.  I also need to buy some new pillows to fit the shams that came with my bedding set.  And the biggie is I need a new sofa.  That will hopefully happen with my tax refund.  All the rest of that stuff will probably happen this month because once I start a task I want it finished immediately.  It has just taken me 16 years of being an adult with a job to finally start the decorating task.

Starting a Countdown

Lazy is a good thing