Starting a Countdown

I know it isn't my imagination.  I know that there were actual stretches of time where I came home from work by 4:30 on a regular basis.  When exactly was that?  It certainly hasn't happened this school year which is rapidly approaching three months old.  I regularly don't get home until 6:30 - 7:30.  That means 11-12 hour work days.   November is supposed to be my chill month and I still feel like I can't get caught up.  I'm tired.  

Somewhere in my hazy memory I seem to remember barely making it to Thanksgiving vacation and sorely needing the rest.  Maybe that is an every year thing that I forgot since I went to Panama last year (only a year?.... it seems like forever ago).  It's a little soon to be this desperate for vacation, but that's how busy things have been.  15 days.  I will definitely be crawling to the finish line by then.

Talking to Myself

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