Talking to Myself

Was starting to get that sad feeling as I watch everyone's personal life move every onward while mine is non-existant and lonely.  Went back to read this.  Still a little sad, but reminded that I had a plan and that I need to stick to it.

While looking for that post I found this one about money.  Yeah, still not successful at tightening the money belt, but I will try, try again.  I really thought I would adapt to this easily but it may be one of the hardest things I have to do in the next few months.  

You know what is funny about this post?  How wrong it is.  I pulled my cable box two weeks ago and I cancelled cable on Thursday.  I thought I would keep up with my shows either on live TV or on the internet and still watch fairly regularly.  Instead the TV has mostly been off except for the morning news.  I am having a little bit of withdrawal, but it will pass.  This lifestyle change is going to be easier than the money one.  That is a surprise to me.


Starting a Countdown