Whining of a Sick Person

Rambling post ahead.

I'm sick.  I woke up this morning thinking it was allergies, but as the day has gone on I am starting to think that maybe it is a cold or heaven forbid, the flu.  I've been tired, feverish and achy all day and barely able to keep my eyes open.  I've slept all day long and it is hard for me to walk more than a few steps.  

This is the time when I feel most alone.   Thinking back to the boyfriend of a long time ago and how  one time I was sick and  stayed at his apartment and how he brought me Theraflu and soup and would check in on me every hour or so.  It was so sweet and I felt taken care of.   I wish I had that now, but my apartment is such a disaster that I couldn't let anyone in even if someone showed up.  I would love some Theraflu right now or orange juice or just a pile of junk food.  There is nothing like indulging in junk food when you are sick.

Missing work tomorrow.  

Peter Marzio