Reading Material

Instapaper is a service that I use to save links to articles that I want to read when I have more time.  I use it a lot for the things I see that come across my Twitter stream.  I am going to periodically post links here to interesting things I find.   The first post or two is going to have a lot because I haven't cleaned out my links in forever.  Of course if you don't have time to read them right now you can always Instapaper them!

Why Email No Longer Rules
Wall Street Journal

 Time to Show Our Appreciation For Classical Music
The Guardian 

Why Travel Makes You Smarter
The Guardian

 KHOU does a hatchet job on taco trucks

 Your Brain on Computers
New York Times

 The Home of Everything
Chicago Tribune

 10 Vices that are good for you

Just say no?
Cabinet of Curiosities

Goodbye, cruel words: English.  It's dead to me.
The Washington Post

First Camera, Then Fork
The New York Times

Where do I go from here?

Book List