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I have always chosen my photos for the photoblog year in review (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009) in terms of what was posted to the blog for that calendar year.  This year 8 out of the 12 photo finalists were actually taken in 2009.  

I had many photos from big trips in 2009 to share and I had a photoblogging system that made sharing those photos take weeks and weeks.  Because I had such a backlog waiting to make an appearance on the photoblog, I wasn't interested in getting out there and taking new photos. I feel like my photography suffered in 2010 because of this.  Halfway through the year I changed my "photo a day/theme a week" system to posting multiple photos in a single day.  It still took a few months to catch up but now photos are posted on a more timely basis.  So even though this is a look back at 2010, it is really a look back at photos posted but not necessarily taken in 2010.

I found it interesting that the four photos from 2010 were all taken with film cameras.  I'm not sure if they made the finals because I am still enamored with the look of film or if it is because they really are good photos, but either way I'm happy they are there.  I hope to do even more film work in 2011.  Some photos here appeared as part of a multiple photo post, but I was strictly choosing based on individual photographs.  Can you believe this is my fifth year to do a photoblog wrap up?  Wow!  Photos are in order of appearance on the photoblog.  Clicking on the image will take you to the individual photo post.  Here we go with a look back at the best photos that appeared on in 2010.  

1.) Flying High

This photo was taken on the way back from my grand Chicago adventure in July 2009.  I love the wide expanse that you get with the 10-22mm lens.  Looking at this photo almost makes me forget that I am afraid to fly.

2.) Blue Angels Break

I kept trying to eliminate this photo from the finalists, but I just couldn't.  This was taken in October 2009 at the Wings Over Houston Airshow.  I love airplanes, as visitors to Photine well know.  I like the motion in the photograph with the planes twisted at various angles.  It took both days of the airshow for me to figure out how to photograph the Blue Angels since I'm so used to the Thunderbirds.  

3.) Berries

This was taken in December 2009 put I didn't see this photo until 2010.  It was part of the very first roll that went through the new-to-me Pentax MX film camera which I purchased that December.  I knew I was going to love this photo the instant I took it.  There is just something about the look of film and the focus of a 50mm lens.  When I was back at my grandmother's house this Christmas I noticed that this plant is sadly no longer there.  

4.) The Bean

What can I say?  This was a perfect moment, on a perfect day, on a near perfect trip in one fabulous city.  The morning I was going to leave Chicago (2009) I was greeted with crisp cool weather and the best blue skies of my whole trip.  I went to Millennium Park one last time and was amazed to find it practically deserted.  I went photo crazy at Cloud Gate, otherwise known as The Bean.  The opportunity to photograph it with no people around was lucky and I took advantage of it.  

5.) Night on Lake Shore Drive

Chicago was definitely a photographic muse.  How can it not be with scenes like this.  This is from the wonderful John Hancock building at sunset.  I'm proud of many of my photos from Chicago and even more proud that I set and met the goal of taking a trip after years of never going anywhere.

6.) Azalea Trail 2010

Hooray for our first photo actually taken in 2010!  This was taken in March at the Azalea Trail but to show you how behind I was in posting it didn't show up on the photoblog until July.  Taken with the Pentax MX.  

7.) The Farm

Back to 2009 but this time to Panama.  The Panama photos can be forgiven for showing up in 2010 since I didn't go on the trip until the last week in November.  But I had so many photos to share that they took up huge chunks of my 2010 posting.  This photo was taken at my Dad's farm near Colon.  I think it is one of my all time favorite photos and it is my favorite photo from the 2010 list of favorite photos.

8.) Paseo Esteban Huertas

Taken at the Paseo Esteban Huertas in Panama with the shell of Club Union, a social club building from 1917, in the background.  This photo has grown on me over the last few months.  It was another that I tried to eliminate as I chose the finalists, but just couldn't shake it.

9.) Wabash Antique & Feed Store

Another March 2010 photo that made a very late appearance on the photoblog.  This one didn't show up until August (you see how 2010 was all about clearing backlogs).  This was taken at Wabash Antique & Feed Store in their plant section with the Pentax MX and I love the way it looks.  There is something about film that adds elegance to every day scenes.  At least that is what I am working towards.

10.) Hats

Taken this year in San Antonio at the El Mercado.  This was taken with the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim.  I really need to use this camera more in 2011.  The thing I love about this particular camera is that you never really know what you are going to get as it is the ultimate in point and shoots, but it can turn out some real gems.  I love the light in this photograph.

11.) The Pacific

I was still posting photos from Panama one year after my trip.  This was taken on my last full day and it was my first visit to the Pacific Ocean.  We didn't have time to go swimming and a storm was coming in anyway, but there were a few beautiful moments where I just stood and looked out at this scene.  

12.) Via Colori 2010

Finishing off with a recent 2010 photograph from the Via Colori Street Festival.  Again taken with a Pentax MX and I think it is my best work to date with that camera.  I'm hoping to use it even more in the upcoming year and to improve my film skills (especially scanning). 

Well that was the year 2010(ish) on  The next few days I will be posting the last of the 2010 photos and I will truly start fresh for 2011.  A bright new photographic year awaits.

A Beautiful 2011

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