Size Reduction

Last night I had dinner with two work colleagues as we hashed out details for an event next weekend.  When I got home I was tired and while I fiddled around on the internet, I didn't really do anything productive i.e. catch up with my social media spaces.  This morning I woke up and spent my morning working on school work so that classes would run smoothly.  I quickly got dressed and only had minimal time to check my email, Facebook, etc.

On my way to work I started thinking about this problem.  I write how I want a beautiful life and one component is definitely socializing and interacting with others, but when I do something that takes me away from my computer then I see my RSS feeds pile up and lots of content come across Facebook or Flickr or Twitter that I can't keep up with.  Many people would say that you aren't supposed to see everything that people post in those spaces, but that is not my personality.  I hate the feeling of "work" piling up but I also hate the feeling of missing out.  

The solution is clear.  Cut WAY back on all of it.  Not the spaces I use but the content I pull in.  Cut the blog reader to a bare minimum.  Cut the Flickr contacts way back.  Toss or hide more people on Facebook.  Unfollow on Twitter.  I already periodically go through and cut these things but I'm wondering if I could do a serious, and I mean serious, paring down.  I think if I keep a list of things as they are now I can always restore it if I'm unhappy.  And speaking of unhappy, people take it very personally when you unfollow, unfriend, etc.  There are some people that will decide that I'm a difficult person  or get upset because I changed my contact information (have totally been there and done that and am still annoyed about it).  Unfortunately I still care what other people think.

I found this blog post tonight and found it interesting.  It isn't exactly the same thing, but it definitely resonated with me.  What do I want my life to be like when I look back ten years from now.  Do I want to remember fondly all those nights spent on the computer catching up with everyone's blogs?  No.  But where to cut a list that is already pretty small.  We will see.

Reduction is a Go