Scared Sweet

Last week was completely obliterated with my crazy long work hours.  I worked until 7 or 8 most nights trying to get things on track for a successful spring semester.  I still feel the knots in my neck from all the work (almost 3 more hours as well today) but I truly believe that all that work will show benefits starting this week.  My music folders are organized, my seating charts are written, my music accompaniments are sequenced into the computer (that alone takes an hour per song and I have lots of songs), my grades are entered in the gradebook and my desk is clean.  Whew.

I really wanted to stick with the meal plan goal that I did the week before but half way through the week I just chucked everything out the window and started picking up food on the way home.  I had also tried having leftovers for lunch the next day and while that worked well a week ago, it meant more cooking every night and when my life got crazy as it did last week, thinking of cooking every night was daunting.  This week I'm going back to sandwiches for lunch and cooking every other night so I can eat the leftovers the next day.  I think it will work out better but of course that means I have to stick to my lunch plan as well and I get tired of sandwiches quickly.  

And on top of all this I have a really radical goal for this week's one week goal.  No sweets.  If you knew what a sweet tooth I had you would know that I'm actually scared about trying this one.  I'm not big on candy but cookies, baked goods, and to a lesser degree chocolate are my favorite things to eat.  This idea came into my head after a conversation with my assistant.  She was lamenting how much soda she drank while simultaneously loading up the refrigerator with more soda.  I told her that she should just stop buying it but she said she was addicted and it would be like asking me to cut out sugar.  The more I thought about it this weekend the more I knew she was right.  I don't know where I got the idea to cut it out cold turkey, but I have tried to moderate in the past and I've failed miserably.  Surely I can do this for one week.  I'm prepared for headaches and grumpiness and feeling hungry.  I'm not exactly cutting out sugar because my cereal has sugar and I have some trail mix that has chocolate pieces in it, but I'm cutting out on the cookies, bread, candy that somehow invariably finds its way into my hands even when I deliberately don't buy it.  I would love to say that I'm going to do this forever but let me just start with one week. 

Adios January

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