Adios January

Feel like I'm crawling out of a dark hole that was January.  1/12th of 2011 is already gone and I'm not sure I made that much progress on my big "beautiful" resolution.  I do recognize even more often when I am being negative AND when I'm doing things that are part of the "beautiful life" that I see in other people but don't seem to see in myself so I guess that is progress.  And I like my one week resolutions and no doubt those will also help me towards my goal.

I did pretty well with the no sweets, until Saturday that is.  Then I went a lemon bar binge.  But I'm going to try again to reduce the amount of sweets I eat randomly.  I think I'll feel better about a lot of things if I can curb this sweet tooth even by a little.  

This week I am going to get my clothes ready the night before.  A lot of times my wardrobe is determined by what is the least wrinkly thing hanging in my closet.  This shouldn't be hard but even as I'm sitting here now I just want to put it off until the morning.  But I know I can make this happen for one week.  That's the beauty of the one week program.  Anybody can do anything for one week.

The apartment is clean, the refrigerator is stocked, the meal list is prepared, the bills are paid and things at work are mostly caught up.  Things are good.

Awaiting the Snowpocalypse

Scared Sweet