Awaiting the Snowpocalypse

I know you are tired of that word, but I just had to use it.  It is so much fun.  So I'm waiting with bated breath and fully charged camera battery the impending Houston snow.  I really thought that we would get out of work early today and go in late tomorrow.  Instead we stayed the whole day and aren't going in tomorrow at all.

I also was supposed to have a solo contest this weekend.  We have been working the kids really hard the last couple weeks as we have been getting ready and even though it will be rescheduled it is disappointing that it isn't happening.  I'm also having a hard time suddenly realizing that I have a three day weekend.  I was mentally prepared to only have Sunday off and frankly I really just hadn't thought about it, because it just was how things were, but now its suddenly "the weekend" and I don't know what to do with myself or how to relax.  I'm a mess.

And after all of this it doesn't even seem like it is going to snow.  Supposedly it will happen overnight.  I'm not sure I could enjoy just a regular day off.  I MUST learn to unwind.

Quietish Days

Adios January