Travel Day

You know how it is.  I come to convention in San Antonio and always write a blog post on the travel day swearing that I'm going to post every night about the day's happenings and I usually only make it through one day before I get so tired and behind that I give up.  Well here's that post.

I'm in San Antonio for the annual music teachers conference.  Last time I came in July I was so tired on the drive back that I was actually worried about my driving and decided I was going to fly to the next meeting.  Well here we are and I did fly and it was the perfect decision.  I hate driving.  I don't mind driving around town, but I don't like road trips or frankly any time on long boring stretches of freeway.  It exhausts me.  

Today I was a little anxious about the weather interfering with my flight, but it came off without a hitch.  While my co-workers were gripping the steering wheel and fighting the tough winds I was sitting in the airport cafe eating fajitas.  I  arrived at my hotel at 8 p.m. relaxed.  Such a change from my normal routine.  And since I'm not driving I'm coming back Saturday night where I usually come back Sunday.  I'll actually get one day of my weekend.

So traveling in was easy, I'm giddy over my hotel room (pics in the Flickr set) and I'm starting the conference relaxed and not a jumble of nerves.  This is going to be a great convention.  Pictures and stories to come (blah, blah, blah, promises, promises, promises).  Follow the Flickr set and my posts on Twitter.



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