I came back from San Antonio completely energized (hey I took pictures) and had a great Sunday with the beautiful weather.  I had plans to write a blog post on how flying made my trip so much better, but when I got home I found out my aunt had taken a turn for the worse.  I am currently in a holding pattern.  Going through the motions of things I need to do, but really just treading water.  It's a very strange thing to be waiting for someone to pass away.  I'm not sad right now and I'm not happy.  I'm just here.  

In other news I'm thinking of revamping my new year's resolutions.  The whole beautiful life thing is still my goal but I need more concrete steps.  I really like the idea of the one week resolutions and I'm going to focus on doing those.  The other over arching things I'm going to work on is making eye contact and drinking more water.  The one week resolution was just kind of a whim but now that I'm committing to it more fully I think I will be more serious about following through. 

My Aunt Gail

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