Weekend Rewind

Saturday I volunteered at the museum for the butterfly flutter.  It took about three hours total and was the easiest time I've had since I was on food duty instead of crafts.  Then I came home and immediately took a long nap.  After that I spent hours working on a yet to be announced photo project which involved sitting on the sofa going through hundreds of photos.  

Sunday I got up with full intentions of being productive.  Instead I messed around on the computer, fixed breakfast, watched TV and then took a nap.  It wasn't the most restful nap because I felt guilty for taking it but I couldn't get myself to get up.  Then I made a quick trip out to the Williams Tower and Water Wall for this month's photo assignment.  Of course since I had been so lazy I only had about 30 minutes which was too bad because it was such a beautiful afternoon to just sit on the lawn.  I ran into two photography friends who were in fact doing just that.  I wish I could have stayed to talk to them, but I had evening plans.  

Dinner at Catalan with the lovely Diginee and ShutterSam and their son who happens to work there.  It was the perfect meal with good conversation and even better food.  I am spoiled and blessed to know such great people.  You can not escape without hearing what I ate:

Appetizers were spicy garlic shrimp and roasted pork belly in cane syrup.  Both amazing of course.  For dinner I had a pork chop with roasted brussel sprouts and a strip of pork belly.  It was a pork kind of night.  This was the first time I've had brussel sprouts and I really liked them.  Of course they probably aren't that fabulous everywhere.   Then we split three desserts of profiteroles with buttermilk ice cream and salt caramel, white chocolate bread pudding with Nutella and mexican chocolate creme brulee.  The whole meal was fabulous.  Have I said that?  Well it was.  Fabulous.

When I was experiencing this weekend I would have said it was strictly lazy because I didn't clean my apartment, go grocery shopping, go out and take pictures (except for 30 min) or do anything really  productive.  But now that I see it written down it looks like it was a pretty good weekend after all.  


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