Spring Shopping

Ever since the Azalea Trail I have been on a plant kick.  I have not had much luck with plants in the past.  I even killed an ivy once and they are hard to kill.  But I get on these kicks and buy new plants for my patio and try, try again.  

I stopped by Cornelius Nursery on Voss for a look and it turned out to be a perfect way to spend part of my day.  Their springtime shipments had  started coming in and even as I was standing there they were unpacking more and more flowers.  The orchids were especially gorgeous.   Nothing makes me happier than bursts of color which is why I think I am so attracted to flowers.  Color really strikes a primal chord with me.  I even caved and bought one of the orchids which are supposedly difficult to grow.  Now cross your fingers that I keep these plants alive.  Just like I have been working on improving my cooking skills, I need to work on my gardening skills.  Not thinking of myself as Dr. Death will be a start.  

shopping for spring  riot of orchids

blossoms of spring  beds of color

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