A place to call home

My new sofa and chair were delivered on Thursday and I went into a redecorating frenzy (more like binge) that lasted for two days.  In the end I have a space that I'm much happier with.  It feels like the kind of space I hoped for when I first moved into the "nice" part of town.  

You would only know what an improvement this if if you had seen the previous version, but I never took photos of that because I didn't want anyone to see.  A few highlights of my frenzy (not all visible) are: rearranging the furniture into this configuration, replacing brassy gold lamps with silver ones, framing two prints I've had forever, finding a new end table for the chair, hanging mirror circles on the sides of my canvas, making covers for my camera and pantry bookcases and finding a starbust mirror piece to go over the pantry bookshelf.  Whew.  I did a lot in two days.  

Now I just need to stop Gypsy from scratching up my new furniture.

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